Sign of Moloch

by Tyrant Goatgaldrakona



released September 24, 2010



all rights reserved


Tyrant Goatgaldrakona Hungary

Hellfire Commander of Eternal War and Pain - Vocals/Drums
Grave Desecration and Necrosodomy - Guitars/Bass

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Track Name: The Sign of Moloch
Under a grey sky
The smoke stagnates
Stench of human flesh
Sacrificed by men

One nation
Draws it’s rapture from this
Followed by amazing infernal music
Screams, painful faces disappeared
Dances of delight
Again and again
They came like this

The Children of Moloch
Now have returned
Rusty chains they hold
To destroy
To breed more dead

Children of Moloch
Hordes of the bloody Sun
Children of Moloch
True hatred within
Track Name: Lords of Catharsis
On the night that's sarcificed for fire
Slaves of darkness
in their Search for the confidence of the master
Diatribe and blasphemy
are tempting their way

Thrill and fear
Are alive in all parts of their bodies
Trombones of Demons are ringing
The souls curdle

Lords of Catharsis – messengers of horror
Lords of Catharsis – sacrifice for flameblades

Between cliffs
as it seems,
Fierce and powerful
Deep and asphyxiant
Are the sounds of celebration
Track Name: The Born of Hatred
Hatred was the first sentence of God
And Man accomplished
Angels pitied men
The time has come, when they pitied themselves too

The birth of hatred was engraved to metal and stone
it Brought war
And black mourning
No devote, no mercy
God-fearing people live in this age
Self exterminator
As there's never been

Elders have woven the tales in blood
Children get poisoned kisses
Hatred carries the dead on drag
Track Name: Whip of Lucifer
He carries forgotten disciples,
Possesses the power of fallen angels
Black blood runs through His veins
Formed by anger and suspiciousness
Lord of hell
Respect is given to his rebellion
The crucified son is in his eyes
Longing for torment
His continuity
Is the subjugation of heaven
The pure tears
The supplication from dead
The sin flowing like a river
Mercy is a lost concept
Glorious infernal hymns sing about the future
Whip of Lucifer
Striking huge
Track Name: Tyrant Goatgaldrakona
The tyrant was born
Like fallen star from the sky
Born to destroy
Only to kill
Followed from the deep forests
Worshiped by vandal hordes
He wanted the poverty of hypocrite nations
Had the enemy impaled
The storm of the four horsemen
Power of the mines
Tricks of the witches
Pleasure-dance of fiends
Overmaster him
When he begins to conquer
The mourning of men
Is rapture for him
Vertiginous wickedness
A dark path leads to his fortress
Life and death
In his hands
He’s a tyrant
The king of witches